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Mother’s Day, Teacher Training and Frogs

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Mother’s Day A Little Delayed

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the DR on the last Sunday of May.  Our children had prepared banners the Sunday before to give to their mothers or grandmothers during the worship service and we had purchased a mug for each mother or grandmother present.  However, we were rained out on Mother’s Day. (Open air buildings are great if there happens to be a breeze, but a bit of a problem when the rain is blowing sideways!)

In the end, no one seemed to mind that the celebration had to wait a week.



Teacher Training

This past Monday morning was our first official Teacher Training with women from Cercadillo.  To make the event seem more special I brought the women into Villa Mella where Brigida graciously allowed us to use one of her rooms at the Language Institute she directs.

The women were very eager to discuss ways that they can help with children’s programming in the village.  Our first big project together will be the Vacation Bible School at the end of this month.   They are very excited!

(Oh, and I realize that this is the same boring pose I’ve used for the last few posts.  I’ll try to get an action shot at some point!)


And Frogs!

We are definitely into rainy season!  I’ve had to use the 4 wheel drive option on my Toyota 4 Runner to get in and out of the village the last few trips.  (Have I told you lately how much I LOVE my vehicle and how thankful I am to everyone who gave to help me purchase it?)

The rain always seems to bring more mosquitos and sometimes frogs like this one that jumped into our Sunday school classroom last week, causing quite a stir.  The kids who HAD been sitting on this bench started screaming and I was saying something to the effect of, “Oh, what a cute little frog.  I think I’ll take its picture.”  The flash must have startled the frog because it jumped on me and my immediate reaction was to scream also.    We all had a good laugh at that!

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  1. Cheryl Abel

    What a special Mother’s Day celebration, a way that the children are learning to honor thier Moms.

    Hope the prep for Vacation Bible School continues well and that the kids enjoy!!!

    … funny frog story Ina!

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