Knit One Pearl Two

Published on February 9, 2011 by in Uncategorized

We are always looking for new skills to teach the people of Cercadillo.  Joan Asker, my dear friend and Cercadillo Advisory Team member, is here for two weeks teaching the women to knit.  We aren’t sure yet if this can become  a marketable skill, but my goodness the women had fun today.

Notice Elida in the orange shirt, standing behind Anita in the pink shirt.  Elida was clapping each time Anita did a stitch properly.   Please pray with us that as the ladies learn to knit that God will continue to knit the community together.
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Money Saving Tips from Cercadillo

Published on January 29, 2011 by in Uncategorized

Are you finding it hard to make your money stretch as far as you would like for it to?  This suggestion is just in from some of my women in Cercadillo . . .QUIT VISITING THE WITCH DOCTOR!

Yesterday during Café y Coser con Cristo, our coffee/Bible study/craft time, we were reading in the first part of Acts 13.  “Bruja” (Witch doctor)  was the word used in our easy-to-read translation to describe a person Paul and Barnabas encountered.   The discussion quickly moved from the reason brujaria (witchcraft) is not of God  to their individual experiences with brujas.

One woman shared that she used to go to the bruja for special incantations when she needed money to feed her children or when her children were sick.  She said that now that she is a Christian she sees the vicious cycle of paying the bruja for her “prayers”  when she could have been spending the money for food and medical attention.   “I don’t have to beg or steal for food now that I quit going to the bruja.”

Another shared of seeking out a bruja when things were going poorly and then feeling a need to return when things were going well in the hopes that the bruja could continue the “good luck.” Again, she was paying each time for the incantations.

Someone else said, “It’s much cheaper being a Christian!  We don’t have to pay for someone to pray for us!  And besides, God has more power than Satan can ever have!”

So there you have it folks, money saving tips from the women of Cercadillo . . .quit visiting the witch doctor.

Are you sensing what I am?  His Kingdom is coming to Cercadillo!

“And the darkness shall turn to dawning, and the dawning to noon day bright . . .”

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