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The Responsibility of Ajís

Published on June 1, 2011 by in Uncategorized

These “ajís” (non-spicy peppers) were grown in Cercadillo gardens and given to me today during discipleship class.  When I protested that they should just give me one, the ladies replied, “We have plenty!  We’ve shared with everyone and even sold some to a local store.  Take them, please!”

We laughed about how there was a time when they didn’t have enough money to buy an “ají” to season their beans, and now that they are growing them they almost have too many.

Interestingly, the women see this abundance of produce as a new responsibility.  One of my women said, “God has blessed us with this food.  We must be careful to share with others and not waste any of it. Each “ají” is a gift for us to use or to share.”

More women who have memorized all the books of the New Testament!

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  1. Cheryl Abel

    The “little” thing learned result in “BIG” results. Praise God for the growth.

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