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First Electricity Class!

Can you find the difference between this picture of the yellow building and many others I’ve posted before?

I have many pictures of preschoolers, children, youth and women in the building, but this is the first I’ve posted with this many men.  Today was the first of weekly electricity classes that will be held for the next ten months.

“Kiko”, the teacher on the left is giving some individual instruction to  Jesús.  (For those of you who know some of my women by name, Jesús is Yolanda’s husband.)

After the students completed their project of the day they were each to test to see if their outlet box could light up a bulb when connected to electricity.  The batteries were used to provide the electricity since we don’t have any in our buildings.

A few of the proud students showing their project of the day.

Through the years I have had the privilege of seeing smiles like these when the women have finished various sewing or craft projects.  How great it was to see men with similar smiles of pride in work well done.  I really believe this class is going to be life changing!

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5 Responses

  1. Amy

    How exciting Ina! What a blessing!

  2. Joan

    “Our God is an awesome God!! He reigns from heaven above, With wisdom power and love, Our god is an awesome God!!!” That is what I am singing this AM. What an answer to prayer!! Thank you, God. Thank you Kiko. Thank you, Ina.

  3. Allie

    WOW!! God is so awesome! He is drawing those men in; how exciting! Can’t wait to see how He’s going to work in the near future! 🙂

  4. Marionel Contreras ( KIKO)

    Esta clase es una oración contestada.
    Gracias a Jehová Dios.
    Con cariño de KIKO.

  5. Duane

    Do I dare to say – this is electrifying? I just did.