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Working for Water

Published on June 3, 2016 by in Uncategorized

As of Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 PM, 21 families now have a way to filter water in their homes!  100+ people will have clean drinking water!


Cli, Elida, Rosalba, Carmencita, Ricki, Marcelina, Leticia


We designated the Café y Coser workday as a “Work for Water” day with the goal of our ladies earning the $500 pesos (approx $11 usd) to pay their portion of the cost of the filters.


Aurelia, Epifania, Rosi, Dominga, Raiza, Mercedes


After learning about the importance of drinking water during the recent health education classes, our women were very concerned about having clean water for their families.   Thankfully, a family donated money for just this purpose!  (We have helped families purchase these filters before, but that was about six years ago and almost all needed to be replaced.)



The organization that makes these filters has changed names, but still provides the same quality product.  The water filters down through a clay pot that sits on top of a chemical-free-plastic 5 gallon bucket.   Once the water has passed through the filter is ready to drink.

This simple to use and maintain filter is also extremely cost effective.   The $1000 donation made it possible for us to purchase 25 filters.  These filters can be used for at LEAST 5 years, and possibly longer.  What a wonderful gift to our community!

The next time you drink a glass of clean water give thanks for it and for all the incredible things that are happening in our little corner of the world.


Meri, Mercedes, Rosa, Felicia






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