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Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Published on December 8, 2010 by in Uncategorized

Here it is. . .my first attempt at blogging!

How thankful I am for all those who worked in Cercadillo while I was in the States recently!  Eleven of those volunteers came to my house last Saturday evening for an appreciation dinner.  How fun to share some traditional American Thanksgiving food with them, compliments of Agape Flights.

Please pray with me that they will continue to help in Cercadillo on a regular basis.

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  1. David Flumbaum

    A word of appreciation to Ina for her commitment to her calling and the churches and friends who are supporting her work with prayer, financial resources, visits to the village, and service to the Lord and the people of Cercadillo. Having visited the village, I am deeply touched by the relationships that have been developed, the mutual trust and respect between our missionary and the people, the responsiveness of the village residents to opportunities provided to learn, grow, develop, worship and share among themselves and with others. I have explored the website and want to commend those who have visually and orally shared the story of Ina and her adopted village. I also want to give thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus who has called this ministry into being and is providing the resources to reach these wonderful people with the good news of Christ. And a word of thanks to the many volunteers and contributors, past-present-future.

  2. Duane Sawyer

    It looks like everyone was enjoying themselves. Is there a story about the rolls the lady in the center is holding? Was that all you made for them?

  3. Karin

    What a treat for all of those that attended to enjoy your great cooking! Wish I could have been there!