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15+ Years in the Making

Published on August 20, 2022 by in Uncategorized

On Wednesday, August 17, I represented The Cercadillo Project in my official capacity as the president of our DR registered non-profit. At approximately 10:30 AM I handed Señor Jorge a certified check, signed my name and stamped the document.

We now own two acres of land in a prime location for the two communities we are now serving!!! It all happened in just a few moments, but actually it was a little over 15 years in the making. Fifteen years of thinking about, praying about, talking about a multi-purpose community center. During those years we investigated several locations, usually just to discover that those willing to sell “their land” weren’t actually the owners.

Perhaps you’ll remember that last fall I heard of this land possibility at the same time we were purchasing a house to remodel for our Mission Base to serve as staff housing, short term volunteer housing, office space and storage. In a short amount of time we had money for both. Nothing short of a miracle!

We are STILL in the remodeling process of the Mission Base. The combination of unforeseen structural issues and an increase in construction materials have far exceeded the projected budget and drained our reserves.

Maybe by the end of October the Mission Base will be done??? Please pray that we can get it finished – and that I have at least a shred of sanity left at the end of it! 🙂

When the Mission Base is completed it will be time to begin thinking about, praying about, talking about developing our land, and waiting for the next miracle.

Thank you for your partnership in this 15+ year journey!

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