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Knit One Pearl Two

Published on February 9, 2011 by in Uncategorized

We are always looking for new skills to teach the people of Cercadillo.  Joan Asker, my dear friend and Cercadillo Advisory Team member, is here for two weeks teaching the women to knit.  We aren’t sure yet if this can become  a marketable skill, but my goodness the women had fun today.

Notice Elida in the orange shirt, standing behind Anita in the pink shirt.  Elida was clapping each time Anita did a stitch properly.   Please pray with us that as the ladies learn to knit that God will continue to knit the community together.
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  1. Karin

    Love it! SO, SO wish I could be standing next to Elida clapping along with her! What a treasure Joan is to the ministry to be teaching them a new, marketable skill!!

  2. Karen

    We’re so excited to see Joan in action!! She’s a dear member of our Women’s Bible Study here in Marion. Our prayers go with all of the women in the Cafe y Coser bible study in Cercadillo. En Cristo, Karen