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Another Four-Family Bathhouse Completed!

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This four-family bathhouse was started by a team from Loysville, PA three weeks ago and due to daily rainstorms was finished by local men this past week.

Inside each of the four rooms is a toilet that flushes with a bucket of water and a bathtub-sized place to bucket bathe.  Not much by American standards, but an incredible gift to people who had no bathroom and nowhere to bathe in privacy.

Here are pictures of the four families that will be using these bathrooms.

Family # 1 – Cli, her five children (two not pictured), and Kinkon, the children’s father.

Family #2 – Meri and her two young adult sons (Sons not pictured.)

Family #3 – Ricki and her four children.

Family # 4 – Rosa and her three children.

It is my dream to construct many, many more of these bathhouses in Cercadillo.  The approximate cost for this one was $2250 USD.


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