Mom was Promoted!

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Several of you have journeyed with us from the time of Mom’s accident here in the DR in January of 2014 and through her subsequent hospitalizations, air ambulance flights and nursing home residence.    Mid morning January 29, 2016 she quietly and seemingly without pain finished the fight.

I was in the village when I got the call that Mom was gone.  There was a very sweet impromtu memorial service for her as our women gathered around to share their memories of her.   One said, “But we have prayed for two years that she would be healed!  Why didn’t God heal her?”  “He did, ” I replied.  “God healed Mamacita and she’s more whole now than she has ever been.  She is completely healed.”


This picture was taken by my niece last Christmas day while Mom was talking to me.  The pain is great, but the memories are sweet.  I have indeed been blessed to be the daughter of Alberta Catherine York.

Memorial gifts have started a scholarship fund for the children and youth of Cercadillo.  I believe “Mammacita” would like that.



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Rebekah Cline, Ayudante Extraordinaire!

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Rebekah Cline

We have been very blessed to have Rebekah Cline from St. Louis, MO working with us this semester.  This is Rebekah’s 5th trip to serve in Cercadillo.  Her first was as a college student in Spring of 2008.

Rebekah is truly an “Ayudante (Helper) Extraordinaire!”

Rebekah does many “behind the scenes” jobs to keep our various programs running well.  She is such an incredible help and encouragement to me personally that I’m already grieving the day she leaves us in late July.

Although Rebekah has always been able to communicate her love for our people through her actions, it has been exciting to see her strengthening her Spanish skills during this semester.  Her servant heart and caring nature has won her the right to be heard.  Please pray for Rebekah as she continues to improve her language skills and build relationships with our teenage girls.

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