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¡Estudiantes Brilliantes 2019!

(Shining Students)


Every free moment I could find between January through May was invested in providing a quality tutoring experience for 25 students from our community.

Four of our youth (pictured above) helped with the tutoring, along with college students from IBI and our faithful Marcelina and Carmencita.

IMG_7240 2

Partnering for math fact review.

Becoming familiar with numbers.

Becoming familiar with numbers.

Answering questions from reading passage.

Answering questions from reading passages.

Subtraction Bowling

Subtraction Bowling.  “I started with 10.  I knocked down six.  Four are standing.  10 – 6 = 4 and 10 – 4 = 6.”

Practicing the order of the alphabet with a floor puzzle.

Practicing the order of the alphabet with a floor puzzle.

Three students who excelled in math, reading and classroom behavior.

Three students who excelled in Math, Reading and Classroom Behavior.


All the late nights of lesson planning, days of material development and hours of hauling supplies back and forth from Cercadillo were worth it when I scored their ending evaluations!  What great progress they made!  Previous non-readers are reading, non-writers are writing, non-math-ers are math-ing, and unruly kids are learning to rule their own behaviors!

I long for the day when we have our own school so we aren’t constantly trying to play catch up with our kids!

In these last few months when I wasn’t preparing for, or leading out in Estudiantes Brillantes I was working with a team to find land we can buy to build our dream school.  So far we’ve run into a lot of dead ends.  One piece of land that might be a possibility for us is $50,000 usd per acre.  And that is land with no road, no water, no electricity.    I thought we would be much further along in the process.

So far $58,500 has been given!  We are most likely going to need another $100,000.  Sometimes it seems like it’s just too big of a dream.  But then I think of our kids and I remember who our God is, and I have hope.

If you’d like to help us make this dream school a reality, you can send a tax deductible gift to

“Build with Cercadillo”


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Treating  our most invested Cercadillo  to a suprise outing to the Colonial Zone on January 5.Treating the most invested youth from Cercadillo to a surprise Colonial Zone outing on January 5.


 The same youth dressed and ready to help lead activities for our children on 3 Kings Day, January 6 . . .

IMG_6687 2


An old cardboard box transformed by Emily Knox added a great deal of fun.



Monday, January 7, we spent the day planning and preparing for children’s activities throughout the year.  2019 is certainly starting off well!   And kuddos to Emily for flying in to help with all this fun!

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