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HLGU Health Education Week – Day #2

Published on May 8, 2012 by in Uncategorized

Today’s health lessons for children focused on proper teeth brushing techniques.  Again, after a fun time of learning, there was time to practice the skill.

The women’s health classes today focused on fetal development.  The team came prepared with great visual aids such as posters and even this life-sized replica of a three month old fetus.  Our Cercadillo women were totally amazed by this new information.

Our Ayudantes de Salud learned to take pulses today.  Wish you could have seen the excited faces when the ladies felt their pulses for the first time.  One screamed out, “I feel my heartbeat!  Right, Ina? This is my heartbeat?”

Tomorrow they’ll start learning how to take blood pressure.  What a great week of health education we’re having!

Sooooo thankful for the opportunity to be here!

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