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Shepherds and Sheets

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Yes, you read that correctly, I meant to write “sheets” rather than sheep.  This is another of my infamous multi-subject posts.  I started this post in late December/early January but was experiencing the infamous, often-occuring internet problems.  And then, well everything changed so quickly with Mom’s accident.  So let me try to finish this now that it’s April!

Let’s start with the shepherds . . .

or the annual Christmas pageant in general.  2013 was the third year in a row that the children of Cercadillo led us in visualizing Luke 2 on Christmas morning.

Every year the children take more responsibility in the preparation.

What's a Christmas pageant without a star?

Edileini "guarding" the star

Elida and Kids Preparing the Manger

Niñola having a good bit of fun hanging the star.


Shepherds Waiting



Angels Waiting

Sheep Waiting

Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and an Angel 🙂

Cast of Christmas Drama 2013


A flag routine performed by our children has also become a part of our Christmas morning traditions.

And now to the sheets . . .

Perhaps some of you will remember that we were given 1000 lbs of milk bags from Canada.  (See blog “Milk Bags into Mattresses.” ) Many of our families have been busy making mats to use for beds.  We told the women that if they made a mattress, we would give them a set of sheets.  Mom and I spent a morning in late December visiting in homes of those who had completed their task.  You can imagine how thrilled the moms were to have a set of sheets for their children’s new “beds.”

Mattresses in Progress

I was extremely surprised and pleased by the ingenuity of some of our families.  They used the bags to make walls to divide room in their homes!


Children in front of a new wall at Marcelina's.


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