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Sunrise Service and Sweet Beans

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The last few years we have had a sunrise service in Cercadillo.  We greet each other with, “Have you heard the news? . . . He is risen!”  I loved it that on this rainy Resurrection morning several people came running up to me to share the greeting before I had the chance!

After singing several songs at the top of our lungs, it’s time for the Resurrection eggs.

As each egg is opened by a different person in the crowd, and the small object inside is discussed, we retell the story of Jesus’ last week on earth.   Egg #11 with the rock was opened and then again this Easter morning one could feel the anticipation in the air as the group waited for #12.

The empty egg – to remind us of the empty tomb.  In unison, without prompting they yelled,  “¡Él resucitó!” (He is risen!)

Funny thing is, they knew what was coming.  This is at least the fourth time we’ve used the same eggs.  And yet the people of Cercadillo, perhaps like people everywhere who’ve really understood the Easter story, share in the hope of the empty tomb.

After a rousing rendition of  “Celebrad a Cristo” (Celebrate Jesus) complete with all the laughter that always comes with the energetic clapping in this song, it was time for Habicuelas con Dulce (Sweet Beans.)

Elida made the Habichuelas con Dulce for all gathered.  This, too, has become part of our Easter tradition.  It is a special food that is usually made at this time of year and so we have just incorporated it into our  celebration.

Sorry in advance to any of my Dominican friends who are reading this, but in my opinion, Habichuelas con Dulce is an acquired taste.  (Think blended beans with milk and cinnamon.)  It really wasn’t too bad today.  🙂  Old and young alike in Cercadillo love it!

Although this was not the traditional sunrise service and breakfast in the church basement that I grew up with, for our folks in the village, this is now the traditional sunrise service.

It was good to celebrate together.

Have you heard the news?

 He is risen!

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  1. Joan Asker

    I loved the photos! What a wonderful tradition…telling the story so well…I’m not yet ready to incorporate the sweet beans into our Easter menu…maybe next year. XXOO