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Four Working Hand Pumps!!!!

Four!  Four!  Four!  Four!  As of around 1:15 today ALL of our hand pumps in Cercadillo are working again!

Because a picture is worth a thousand words . . .

Pump #1 - WORKING!

Pump #1 – WORKING!

Pump #2 - Working!

Pump #2 – WORKING!

Pump #3 - WORKING!

Pump #3 – WORKING!

Pump #4 - WORKING!

Pump #4 – WORKING!

 The first water from the well is usually rather muddy.  After a few buckets it usually clears up.  These kids couldn’t wait to start enjoying it.

What a relief to have all four pumps working again!  Pump one has needed repair for six months, pump two has needed repair for eight months, pump three has needed repair for one month, and pump four has needed repair for more than four years. When the final pump broke, the situation seemed hopeless. All the time that I was frustrated trying to find a solution, God was at work behind the scenes. He used Beth Jones, living in upstate New York, to connect us with the organisation H20 Technologies, here in the DR.  What a great day this has been, to see even pump number four working.

Thank you for the part you played, through your prayers and encouragement!

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