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Valentina: Our First Dominican Student Intern

Our sweet 10 year-old Valentina on an afternoon in August of 2012.

What a privilege it has been to watch Valentina Ferrand grow up in our various programs! A few years ago she told me that she wanted to be an elementary teacher, and thus began the dream that is starting to unfold.

Valentina recently graduated from the local public high school. She attended classes regularly and earned high grades, but it was common knowledge that she was not prepared to enter a quality university due to her level of reading, writing and math skills. After a great deal of research we discovered a four-month college prep program in the city that Valentina is currently attending.

A generous donation is providing for her official prep program, transportation and also individualized tutoring in reading, writing, computer skills and English. We are doing everything we can to set her up to be successful. Will you please pray specifically for Valentina during these four months of intensive classes?

Valentina has become one of my right hand helpers and now we are officially calling her our student intern. (Our first Dominican intern! How exciting is that?!!!) Really we are just formalizing what she is already doing and plans to continue doing throughout her university career.

Can I just confess that I am trying hard to not be a “helicopter mom?” It’s probably a really good thing that we were wearing masks when Valentina and I met with the university’s administrator. He may have thought there was something wrong with me because I was smiling so much that my face hurt and also working hard to fight back tears of joy. It was one of those times that hope seemed tangible. Hope for Valentina to have a career of her choosing. Hope that many others will follow in her footsteps. Hope that someday soon we will have a quality school where graduates won’t have to play catch-up.

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