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A dollar a month…

Published on March 8, 2011 by in Uncategorized

The advisory team has initiated a fund raising campaign. Each of us support the mission of the Cercadillo Project and are asking you to be willing to do the same.  We are asking if you would be willing to commit to at least a dollar a month for the next three years to the work of the mission. We have prepared a little cardboard bank as a reminder of your support of the Cercadillo Project and would like to place one in your hands. If it is your desire to share this project with your friends, we have also include a brief informative letter along with the banks.

We encourage you to share these banks with your small group,  Sunday School class or someone you meet with on a regular basis. You could  even use these banks to teach your children how they can get involved  in missions.

As you have been reading the blog and newsletter, it is very evident  that God is doing a great work among the people in the village of  Cercadillo.   We, the advisory team, appreciate the hard work of Ina and all those who have come along side of her to serve there. We  appreciate all of  you who have contributed to this ministry, either  with a one time donation or with ongoing contributions.

This is a wonderful ministry in the Dominican Republic where lives are being changed.  You can request your bank(s) in any quantity from Dave Flumbaum by calling 410-375-1142 or email at or go to the  “contact us” page and leave a message.

If you want to make a contribution now go to the “contributions page” for donation options .

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