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Vegetable Gardening Workshop

Published on April 10, 2011 by in Uncategorized

On Friday we had an excellent vegetable gardening workshop presented by men from the Department of Agriculture.  After some lecture time and a short video we went to Yolanda’s yard for hands-on learning.

First we had to prepare the ground, so we all took turns with the pick and the shovels.

Apparently I wasn’t using the pick ax correctly because after just a few swings it was taken away from me.  🙂

By the end of the workshop a model garden containing lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and cilantro was completed.   All the participants left with plants to start a garden of their own.  The instructors have promised to return for more workshops and to support when needed so that the villagers are successful in raising their own vegetables.

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  1. Jean

    This is wonderful. How did that come about? Interesting that it is the women who are getting interested in this. I wonder how this will work out? I wonder if the ladies fear that someone will steal the food after all the hard work, will occur? I look forward to seeing the harvest pictures.

    • Yorki

      Jean, this workshop was Brigida’s idea. She suggested we invite the Dept of Agriculture to come and did EVERYTHING necessary to make it happen – phone calls, letters, visits to the Department. I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the reception of the women to the idea of the workshop and then to the workshop itself. I don’t really understand what has happened to change the fear of others stealing the food they raise, but the women were all eager to make a garden of their own. Let’s pray that this is a successful experience for them! And yes, I will post pics of the harvest!

  2. Bethany

    I love getting Cercadillo news and of course have tons of questions. Any news on the wells? How is MITI going? Missing you all. Love to Ricky & Maileni & Dominga and Raiza and all las hermanas en Cristo!!!