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Canadians’ Bathroom Project Finished

Published on April 16, 2011 by in Uncategorized

Today was a bitter sweet day in Cercadillo as we celebrated the completion of a four family bathroom and said goodbye to”The Canadians”  who constructed  it.  The students from Toronto District Christian  School have spend several Saturdays tutoring children in basic math, making crafts and playing games, as well as doing this work project.

The building which you can almost see behind the group :), is basically just a roomy outhouse with an additional drain in the floor to allow people to take their buckets inside to bathe in private.  Toilets flush with a bucket of water.  This one was designed for four families that live very close, with each family having their own room with a locking door.  In the future we may build individual bathrooms.

The villagers said, “Our bathroom is much better than our house now.”

One bathroom down, at least 100 to go!

(Still waiting for the rotary drill to finish the wells. Keep praying!)




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