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Baseball Camp in Review

Published on June 24, 2011 by in Uncategorized

When 20 Iowans who love to play baseball meet up with 95 children from Cercadillo for a week of baseball camp, how can there be anything but fun?

The Iowa team brought many bags of baseball equipment that they collected in their community.  Campers who participated each day and followed the camp rules received a glove and a ball at the end of the week.   Can you imagine the excitement this created?

Keep that elbow up!

Keep your eye on the ball!

Knowing that my boys in Cercadillo thrive on the attention of adult males, we divided the campers by gender for a portion of each day.
One day the fellows constructed towers out of gumdrops and toothpicks . . .

. . . and another day they constructed, decorated and flew balsam wood airplanes.

What a great week of fun and friendship building!




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  1. Cheryl Abel

    What a special time of fun for all!!!

    Neat project with the gum drops tower building.

    That is so good for the boys at Cercadillo to interact and build friendships with adult males.