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Last Week’s Bible Camp

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With the help of

  • 11 women from Cercadillo
  • 2 women and 2 teenage girls from West Newburyport, Massachusetts
  • 4 Dominicans from Villa Mella (the area where I live)
  • and Jessica, our-ever-returning intern from Iowa,

we had an incredible week of Vacation Bible School/Bible Camp!

I was especially proud of our eleven women from Cercadillo who served as team captains.  Before the camp began they learned the new songs, participated in discussions concerning behavioral management, overall camp purposes and logistics.

During the week they cheered their teams during sports. . .

helped with crafts . . .

and encouraged their teams to learn the daily memory verse.

Let me just be honest and say that I was feeling a little panicky before camp because several people I had hoped were going to be helping us were not able to do so.   The “Four Dominicans from Villa Mella” absolutely saved the day with their bubbly personalities and their dynamic leadership styles.  I loved watching my boys watching Luis whether he was teaching a lesson or directing the sports activities that day.  Geisha was always ready to help out wherever she was needed.  Brigida has definitely become my right hand.  And Claudia. . .well, let’s just say I’ve never seen kids anywhere respond to music with as much enthusiasm as they did with her.


Brigida, Claudia, Luis and Geisha at our celebration dinner.

The Americans (Martha, Erin, Rebecca, Tayla) came with great crafts and flexible spirits.  What a wonderful combination!

And Jessica . . . well, she will be sorely missed when she leaves the DR next Monday after a month of very diligent service here!

It was almost as if someone had hand-picked some of the finest for our staff for the week.  Actually, I KNOW that Someone did, and I’m so greatful!

“God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him.” – Jim Elliot


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