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10 Red Benches

Published on August 28, 2013 by in Uncategorized

OK, so I know that I owe you all about four months of blogging, but let me start with the last Saturday, August 25.     Several of our benches have been invaded by termites, and since some were old when we received them (Thanks for sharing, TIME Ministries!), and because we sometimes need more seating space than we currently have, it seemed a good time to make some new ones.



Ryan and David, our wonder interns from Hannibal-LaGrange University,  built ten new benches before leaving us.  However, they didn’t have a chance to paint them. (More about the guys in another post.)





Carolina and RoseAngel from  the college-aged group of La IBI came out to help paint and to continue building relationships with our youth girls. (More about La IBI and specifically about the college-aged group in another post.)  Also, Yanet and Mildred from La IBI joined in the painting fun . . .

. . . as well as David, the taxi driver.   (For those of you who know her, that’s Pucca in front of David.)

By the end of the afternoon we had ten new, freshly-painted benches and some fun memories.  “Why red?” you might ask.  We live in the Caribbean.  Why not?

Oh, and I purposely used this picture with the Toyota 4-Runner in it to again say how VERY thankful I am to everyone who helped purchase it.   What a great vehicle!  I should do commercials for Toyota.  But maybe for now I should just try to get the blog updated.  If the internet holds out I hope to post more in the next few days.   So stay tuned, it’s been an incredible spring and summer!




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